Which Is The Safest Birth Control Option For Your Body?

We are proud of you for taking charge of your gynecological health and deciding on the right form of birth control is a crucial step in your journey. With so many types available, it is only fair to be confused about the safest birth control option for your body. But fear not, as by the time you finish this piece of reading, you will have answers to most of the questions in your mind right now.

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    Types of Birth Control Options

    Here are some common options to choose from:

    1. Birth Control Implant
      A birth control implant is a small, thin rod, kind of like the size of a matchstick, inserted under the upper arm skin. Its meticulous placement releases a fixed dose of progestin hormone that prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years.
      The success rate of this implant is a staggering 99%. It is considered the most effective and reliable option for reversible birth control. A birth control implant is a suitable choice for long-term contraception without the need to take a pill or use protection during coitus. This implant is removable and bounces fertility back to normal shortly after your body is off it.
    2. Intrauterine Device – IUD
      Unlike birth control implants, an IUD is a small, T-shaped device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. You have the option of choosing between 2 main types of IUDs:
      • Hormonal
      • Non-hormonal (copper)

      Hormonal IUDs, just like the name suggests, release a tiny amount of progestin hormone into your body. This thickens your cervical mucus and thins out the uterine lining, preventing pregnancy for 3 to 7 years, depending on the brand. On the other hand, non-hormonal copper IUDs have the ability to prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years by creating an inflammatory reaction that is toxic to sperm and eggs.
      IUDs are a common choice among many since their success rate is over 99% and is considered a safe birth control option for your body.

    3. Birth Control Shot
      The birth control shot is an injection of progestin hormone that is given every 12 weeks by a healthcare provider. You can expect 99% effectiveness; however, the administration must be on time.
      The shot is a good idea for those who want a long-acting, discrete form of birth control. Not only does it avert unwanted pregnancies, but a shot also helps in reducing menstrual cramps and the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers.
    4. Vaginal Ring
      It is a flexible and transparent ring inserted into the vagina. It exudes standard extended-release doses of estrogen and progestin hormones in your body. The ring is used for 3 weeks and then removed for 1 week. However, it does not protect against STIs, so condoms should be used for STI prevention.
    5. One-time Use Birth Control
      Just like their name suggests, one-time use birth control methods can be deemed as disposable options. Types include condoms, sponges, and other barrier methods, and are placed in the vagina or over the penis before intercourse every time to prevent pregnancy. Although they are less effective than long or short-acting hormonal birth control, they are the only ways to protect against STIs.
    6. Permanent Birth Control
      Once you choose a permanent birth control method, there is no going back. Even if a surgical attempt is made to reverse it, you may not get fertility the way it was. The options include tubal ligation, salpingectomy, and vasectomy, and they are nearly 100% effective.
      Surgical procedures like tubal ligation and salpingectomy block or remove the fallopian tubes in women. This change prevents the eggs from traveling to the uterus. On the other hand, vasectomy is also surgical and blocks the vas deferens in men, preventing sperm from being released during ejaculation.

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    So, Which Option Is The Safest?

    Unfortunately, not one type can be labeled as the safest birth control method for everyone’s bodies. The best option for you depends on your health, lifestyle, and preferences.

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    Closing Note

    We hope that this piece of reading provided the answers you seek. If you have more questions regarding birth control options, get in touch with our expert, Dr. Munira Dudhbhai, MD, FACOG. She is certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is available for consultation at Lewisville Women’s Care.

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