Using Metformin For PCOS – Foods to Eat and Avoid

For many women, their PCOS derives from insulin resistance, which is why they are often prescribed a revolutionary drug, Metformin, for relief. There are many misconceptions revolving around its use, and one of the major issues is the selection of food items you can eat while Metformin does its magic. In this blog, we have detailed the don’ts of eating while using this medication. But first, take a quick look at what it is.

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    What Is Metformin?

    Usually, Metformin is used to treat type 2 diabetes, and it is one of the top picks by the American Diabetes Association. People with type 2 diabetes struggle to metabolize and use insulin effectively. This often stems from insulin resistance – the body becomes less responsive to insulin, resulting in trouble in controlling blood sugar levels.

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    Metformin and PCOS

    Metformin’s primary function is stabilizing type 2 diabetes, but its function does not stop there. It is quite versatile and helps out in the treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder that messes with ovulation and amps up a great deal in the production of androgens – male hormones. Their increase causes facial hair growth and male pattern baldness in women. Unfortunately, PCOS is a gateway to obesity, depression, infertility, and the no-brainer – type 2 diabetes.

    Mostly, Metformin is the knight in shining armor for women struggling to conceive in this condition. It boosts ovulation and increases the odds of having a baby.

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    Things You Should Avoid Eating/Drinking While On Metformin

    Now, if you are on your way to start this journey, this avoidance chart, if you are dealing with PCOS, can be of great help.

    1. Steer Clear Of Sugary Drinks

    Bid Adieu to sugary drinks such as sodas, sweet teas, and fancy coffee concoctions. They are rich in added sugars that send your blood sugar levels up to the sky. PCOS often comes in combination with insulin resistance, so it is best to avoid these sugary sips so that Metformin has a clear path to work.

    2. Alcohol

    Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, and when it is taken with Metformin, it can drop to dangerous levels that can be fatal.

    3. Foods with Added Sugar

    Those sugary treats and snacks are your enemies when on Metformin. Foods high in added sugars make insulin resistance and PCOS symptoms worse. According to the American Heart Association, it recommends keeping your daily intake below 25 grams.

    4. Refined Grains

    Refined grains, such as white bread and pasta, make insulin resistance worse. Instead, choose whole grains, which come with fiber and nutrients that help maintain steady blood sugar.

    5. Fried Foods

    If you have had to deal with some tummy trouble while on Metformin for PCOS, fried foods could be a major reason. Cutting down these greasy delights can ease your stomach and even help you loose a few pounds.

    Closing Note

    In a nutshell, thoroughly understanding PCOS is crucial for properly managing the condition. If you want to talk about some symptoms bothering you, consult with women’s wellness experts at Lewisville Women’s Care. We are just a call away to help you. Call us at (972) 956-8008 to schedule an appointment today.


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