Emergency Contraception Guide 101

If you are not planning on having a child anytime soon and have had unprotected sex, it is not the end of the world; emergency contraception is designed to cater for this event in the best possible manner. We understand that there are various myths revolving around this topic, and you may be scared of using them. Do not worry; we are here to bust them all.

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    Understanding Emergency Contraception

    Emergency contraception swoops in when you have had unprotected sex and are worried about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. This form of contraception is no less than a hero in such a situation.

    How Does It Work?

    ECPs have two modes of action; either delays ovulation (the stage of the menstrual cycle where the release of an egg from the ovary takes place) or prevents it from happening altogether.

    You must note that these pills are not the same as abortion pills – at any cost, they do not induce abortion.

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    Who Can Use Emergency Contraception?

    There is no specific age limit. Generally, any woman of childbearing age can take it as there are no medical reasons to avoid it.

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    Emergency Contraception Facts

    Different from Abortion

    It is a common misconception of thinking that emergency contraception is the same as an abortion pill. In fact, it is a medication taken shortly after unprotected sex episodes to prevent pregnancy.

    Two Types of Medications

    Type one: has active levonorgestrel, which is a common component found in many birth control pills, available over the counter. The other type is ulipristal acetate, a more effective and prescription-based item.

    Timing is Everything

    The sooner, the better. It prevents ovulation, so it won’t get fertilized if the egg does not release.

    Repeat as Needed

    You can use emergency contraception multiple times, and safe to say that it poses no health risks. While ongoing contraceptive methods are more effective in the long run, emergency contraception backup is a sensible choice.

    Safety and Side Effects

    Emergency contraception is safe for every person, including those for whom regular birth control pills are not a good option. Side effects, such as minor discomfort, upset stomach, or mild fatigue, are usually minimal.

    Stock Up for Peace of Mind

    Having emergency contraception handy is like having a safety net. Especially if you are leaning towards ulipristal, this one requires a prescription and is not always readily available in pharmacies. Remember, as much as we do not talk about it, unprotected sex happens more often, and having a backup plan reduces pregnancy risk from 8% to around 1%.

    Closing Note

    If you have further questions regarding birth control, the women’s wellness experts at Lewisville Women’s Care are just a call away. Reach out to us at (972) 956-8008 to schedule an appointment and find the right treatment for your needs.


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