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Are Hot Flashes During Period Normal?

Feb 29, 202433 Views

Have you been feeling hot a lot lately? Well, if the calm, cold weather has no effect on the sweaty episodes, it may be hot flashes. They are usually a symptom of menopause, but in certain circumstances, you may experience hot flashes during your period as well.

How Long Does it Take for Uterus to Heal after Myomectomy?

Feb 15, 2024389 Views

If you have been diagnosed with fibroids in the uterus, do not worry about it, as treatments like myomectomy can easily remove these non-cancerous growths. Since the entire procedure is invasive, expect some cuts and incisions and be vigilant with the aftercare. Wondering how long does it take for the uterus to heal after myomectomy? It needs at least 4 to 6 weeks after the myomectomy procedure to fully recover. Let's get into more detail about this.

What Does It Feel Like To Have An Ovarian Cyst?

Oct 30, 20231707 Views

If the daily cramps in your belly make you wonder if you might have an ovarian cyst, then this blog is the right piece of reading for you. It is important to understand the basics of this common issue in women. Stay with us to know what an ovarian cyst actually is and how it feels like to have one, along with a treatment plan.

Using Metformin For PCOS – Foods to Eat and Avoid

Oct 15, 2023808 Views

For many women, their PCOS derives from insulin resistance, which is why they are often prescribed a revolutionary drug, Metformin, for relief. There are many misconceptions revolving around its use, and one of the major issues is the selection of food items you can eat while Metformin does its magic. In this blog, we have detailed the don'ts of eating while using this medication. But first, take a quick look at what it is.


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