7 Common Myths Regarding IUDs, Busted!

Are you planning to get IUD for birth control but are reluctant due to the endless scary myths you have been listening to? Along with valuable information from friends and family, they might spread rumors and misconceptions due to a lack of proper knowledge. So, it is better to ask your doctor every question in your mind. Meanwhile, consider this blog your first guide to busting myths and misconceptions about IUDs.

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    Truth To Myths of Using IUD

    Here are some common misconceptions:

    1. IUDs Cause Abortions

    This is quite a popular misunderstanding among women. The truth is that IUDs work by preventing fertilization from happening. Copper IUDs are the best form of spermicide, stopping the swimmers from reaching the egg.

    On the other hand, hormonal IUDs thicken cervical mucus, creating an effective barrier that blocks sperm from entering the uterus. IUDs may prevent implantation in extremely rare cases, but this is considered a contraceptive effect, not an abortion.

    2. IUDs are Less Effective in Preventing Pregnancy

    That’s not true at all! In fact, IUDs are more than 99% effective. Both hormonal and copper IUDs are among the most reliable reversible contraceptive methods available. The hormonal IUD, which releases levonorgestrel, has a pregnancy rate of less than 1 per 100 women over the first year of use, and the copper IUD has a similar rate.

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    3. IUDs Harm the Penis During Intercourse

    If your partner is scared of hurting his genitalia, let them know that IUDs are securely placed in the uterus, where the penis doesn’t even touch! However, if they still are reluctant, the strings can be shortened by a healthcare provider, and they won’t cause any harm.

    4. Women with IUDs Cannot Do Heavy Work

    Using IUDs does not hinder daily activities or stop you from doing heavy work. Whether it is at the gym or doing household chores, your IUD will not interfere.

    5. IUD Coils Can Travel to the Heart or Brain

    Definitely not! They are safely secured within the uterus, so there is no pathway to other organs like the heart or brain. Once correctly put in, they remain in place until a trained healthcare provider removes them.

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    6. You Cannot Get Pregnant After Using an IUD

    Your fertility returns to normal shortly after the removal of IUDs. Studies show that most women who discontinue using the IUD become pregnant just as quickly as those who have never used contraception.

    7. IUDs Can Come Out Embedded in Babies’ Foreheads

    That is far from reality! If a woman, by any chance, becomes pregnant with an IUD, doctors will remove it right away due to infection risks. If, for some reason, the IUD remains during pregnancy, it will either be expelled with the placenta or during childbirth. Please note that babies are well-protected in the amniotic sac, so there are no worries about IUDs causing any issues for them.

    Closing Note

    We hope this blog was of use; if you want to gather more information regarding IUDs and other forms of birth control, get in touch with women’s wellness experts at Lewisville Women’s Care. We are just a call away to help you. Call us at (972) 956-8008 to schedule an appointment today.


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