5+ Reasons For Unbearable Onion-Like Smell Coming From Vagina

It is often thought that your vagina is supposed to smell like fresh flowers, but that’s far from the truth. However, you must know that your vagina should not smell like onions, either. Usually, this issue is treatable with a few simple lifestyle changes related to diet and maintaining good hygiene. In case the onion odor becomes intense and is accompanied by burning, itching, or a colored discharge, you must consult with a doctor for proper treatment. Let’s have a look at some common reasons for this issue and ways you can combat it.

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    Why Is Your Vagina Smelling Like Onions?

    A fishy or onion smell coming from your vagina is abnormal and may be due to excessive sweating, poor vaginal hygiene, food, forgotten tampon, etc.

    1. Excessive Sweating and Vaginal Odor
      Sweating is a natural response. It leads to bad body odor similar to onions if not dealt with properly. On hot days, after workouts, or due to hot flashes during menopause, foul vaginal odor becomes pronounced. This is due to sweat mixing with fluids like urine and vaginal discharge, altering the natural scent.
    2. Poor Vaginal Hygiene
      Your vagina harbors a healthy balance of bacteria to prevent infections, making it a candidate for daily hygiene care. Repeating used underwear or skipping showers can significantly contribute to bad vaginal odors. Poor hygiene encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, potentially leading to an infection.
    3. Food Choices
      The smell of onions can linger in the mouth as well as your vagina! Other edibles such as garlic, asparagus, and other spicy foods are known to alter the smell down there.
    4. A Forgotten Tampon
      Although it is a rare occurrence, tampons can sometimes be forgotten and left in the vagina for a few days. This is often seen during the last few days of the period. When this occurs, the smell can be as pungent as a rotting onion.
    5. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
      Your vagina must have a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria; in case of an imbalance, bad bacterial overgrowth results in Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). This condition is common in women of age 15-44 during their reproductive years. It has symptoms like an unpleasant fishy smell, a thick gray vaginal discharge, itching, and a burning sensation during urination.
    6. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
      A strong, onion-smelling vaginal odor and thick yellow discharge indicate the presence of a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), such as Gonorrhea or Chlamydia. Other signs that may help you come to this diagnosis are vaginal itching and discomfort during urination.

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    How Deal With Oninon Odor Coming From Vagina?

    While you wait for a diagnosis or treatment, take these steps to reduce unwanted odor:

    1. Wash your labia and groin regularly with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to rinse the soap out thoroughly from your vaginal opening to maintain your natural pH balance.
    2. Wear breathable fabrics, especially when it comes to underwear. Partner up with cotton and avoid silk, satin, and polyester.
    3. Do not regularly wear tight-fitting pants. Your vagina releases moisture, and if it does not escape because of your tight clothing, the bacterial balance may disrupt, leading to odor and irritation.
    4. Steer clear of perfumed and scented washes. They are all a hoax. These may exacerbate the odor issue.

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    When to See Your Doctor?

    If, despite your efforts and changes, the unusual rotten vaginal odor is still there, consult your doctor. Symptoms like unusual discharge or a fever are not normal and require medical attention.

    Closing Note

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